1. The chairman of the state planning board
Chief minister

2. Article 169
The constitution Parliament can create the Legislative Council by a simple majority

3. The first country to pass Right to information act

4. Right to Information Act was passed by the Indian Parliament on
15th June 2005

5. Right to Information Act came into force on
12th October 2005

6. The organization which was instrumental in the passage of the RTI Act
Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan

7. August Kranti Bhawan is the headquarters of
Central information commission

8. Who was the first Chief Information Commissioner of India
Wajahat Habibullah

9. First woman to become Chief Information Commissioner
Deepak Sandhu

10. Who was the first Chief Information Commissioner of Kerala
Palat Mohandas

11. International Day for the elimination of violence against women is observed on
25th November (Orange day)

12. Headquarters of National Commission for Women
Nirbhaya Bhavan (New Delhi)

13. The first National Commission for Women was constituted on
31st January 1992

14. The current chairperson of National Commission for Women
Rekha Sharma

15. The current chairperson of Kerala women's Commission
MC Josephine

16. The first male member of National Commission for Women
Alok Rawat

17. Kerala women's Commission Act was passed on
15 September 1995

18. The first Kerala women's Commission came into force on
14th March 1996

19. First chairperson of Kerala women's Commission 

20. DowryProhibitionn Act

21. Director of controversial documentary India's daughter about 2012 Delhi gang rape victim Nirbhaya
leslee udwin

22. Domestic Violence Act was passed in the year

23. It came into force on
26th October 2006

24. Central Vigilance Commission was established in
1964 on the Recommendation of the Santhanam committee

25. Right to Education Act 2009 came into force on
1st April 2010

26. Janata Government introduced the concept of ......... in 1978?
Rolling Plan

27. ........... is the head quarters of Planning Commission
Yojana Bhavan

28. According to the 39th article of the constitution, the planning commission was only a..............body

29. What is the idea of "Peoples plan"
Nationalization of all agricultural production and distribution

30. Who initiated peoples plan
M.N. Roy

31. Who is the chairman of the National Development Council of India
The Prime minister of India

32. The National Development Council was set up in which year
August 6, 1952

33. Which Authority gives final approval to plan in India
National Development Council

34. Who is the last Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India
Montek Singh Aluwalia

35. M. Visweswarayya was honoured by BharatRatna in the year

36. Who wrote the book "planned Economy of India"
M. Visweswarayya

37. Who is named as the father of ''Indian Planning''
M. Visweswarayya

38. The period of Eleventh Five Year Plan
2007 - 2012

39. The period of the Tenth plan
2002 - 07

40. The period of the Nineth plan
1997 - 2002

41. The Schemes Like TRYSEM, IRDP, NREP and RLEGP were introduced in
sixth Five Year Plan on what

42. What is the slogan of the Fifth Five Year Plan
"Garibi Hatao"(By Indira Gandhi)

43. What is the reason for the failure of the fourth Five Year Plan
Indo Pak war in 1971

44. Nationalisation of Banks (1969) was a major step of which five-year plan
Fourth five year plan

45. The Rourkela Steel Plant in Orissa was built up with the help of

46. The Bhilai steel plant is built up with the help of which country

47. The Durgapur Steel plant was built with the help of which country?

48. The first five-year plan gave priority to .........
Agricultural development

49. The period of the first five-year plan .......

50. The Planning Commission was set up on ........
March 15, 1950

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