1. Which article deals with the high court
Article 214

2. The high court has the most number of judges
Allahabad High  Court

3. The first woman chief justice of a High Court
Leela set

4. The first woman judge of the supreme court- Fathima beevi

5. The first woman to become a judge of a High Court
Anna Chandy

6. The study and scientific analysis of elections

7. Father of Indian psephology
Prannoy Roy

8. Article 324 of the Indian Constitution deals with
election commission

9. Election commission is a
Constitutional body

10. Headquarters of the election commission
Nirvachan Sadan

11. Election commissioners are appointed by

12. First Malayali to become the chief election commissioner
T N Seshan

13. The first woman chief election commissioner
VS Ramadevi

14. The first state to issue an electoral identity card to all voters

15. The first state to computerized all voters list

16. The first state public service commission to conduct online  examination
Rajasthan PSC

17. Union Public Service Commission was established by the Recommendation of
Lee Commission

18. The Chairman and members of the Union public service commission and joint State Public Service Commission are appointed and removed by
The President

19. The Chairman and members of the state public service commission are appointed by the governor of the state but they are removed only by
The president

20. Finance Commission
Article 280

21. Chairman of the first finance commission
KC Neyogi

22. The article deals with CAG
Article 148

23. The highest law officer of India
Attorney General

24. The article deals with the Attorney General
Article 76

25. Highest law officer in a state
Advocate general

26. The article of the Indian Constitution deals with advocate general
Article 165

27. The first Attorney General of India
MC sethalvad

28. 42nd amendment
Added a list of fundamental duties

29. 44th Amendment
Deleted the right to property from the list of fundamental rights and made it only a legal right

30. 61st amendment 1989
The voting age was produced from 21 years to 18 years for the Lok Sabha and state legislative assembly election

31. 69th amendment 1991
The Union Territory of Delhi was designated as the national capital territory of India

32. Who is known as the father of Panchayati Raj in India
Balwant Rai Mehta

33. The first state established Pnchayathiraj in India
Rajasthan 1959

34. The first state in South India introduce Panchayati Raj 
Andhra Pradesh

35. Which article deals with Gram Sabha
Article 243a

36. The quorum for a meeting of Gram Sabha is
1/10 of total members

37. Article 243 B of Indian constitution deals with
Constitution of Panchayat

38. Kerala Panchayat Raj act came into force on
23rd April 1994

39. Kerala municipality act came into force on
30th May 1994

40. Headquarters of Kila

41. The first municipality in India get ISO certificate for Quality Management

42. Chief executive of a Municipal Corporation

43. Chief executive of a municipality

44. 86th amendment 2002
Elementary education a fundamental right that a new article 21 a which declares that the state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of 6 to 14 years

45. Article 153
Says that there shall be a Governor for each state

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