1. The concept of planning based on the Russian model by
Joseph Stalin.

2. First Indian woman to win Miss World Title
Reita Faria (1966)

3. First Indian Beauty to win Miss Universe
Susmitha Sen

4. First woman project director of DRDO
Tessy Thomas

5. First Indian Lady to Scale Mt.Everst Twice
Santhosh Yadav

6. First Indian woman to climb Mt.Everst
Bachendri Pal

7. First Indian lady who got a medal in Olympics
Karnam Malleswari

8. First India lady who got a gold medal in Asian games
Kamaljith Sindhu(1970)

9. First Indian Lady to swim English Bay
Arati Saha(1959)

10. First lady election commissioner in India 

11. First lady Rajyasabha secretary in India

12. First Indian lady Chairman of Indian National Congress
Sarojini Naidu

13. First Indian President of UN General Assembly
Vijayalaxmi Pandit(1953)

14. First Indian women to enter space
Kalpana Chawla

15. First woman speaker of the state assembly in India
Shanno Devi

16. First Lady speaker in Legislative Assembly in India
Sushila Nayyar

17. First women to perform in United Nations
M. S. Subhalakshmi

18. The first woman who got Ramon Magsaysay Award in India (by birth Indian)
Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya

19. First Indian Lady who got Padmasree
Nargis Datt

20. First lady honoured with Jnanapith in India
Asha Poorna Devi

21. First woman holder of Asoka Chakra in India
Niraj Bhanot

22. First woman chairman of UPSC in India
Rose Milian Bethew

23. First woman IAS officer of independent India
Isha Basant Joshi

24. First woman IPS officer of India
Kiran Bedi

25. First lady central cabinet minister of India
Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur

26. First Woman Foreign Secretary of India
Chokila Aiyer(2001 - 02)

27. First woman governor of an Indian State
Sarojini Naidu

28. First woman chief minister of independent India
Sucheta Kripalini (U.P)

29. First woman judge in Supreme Court in India
Justice Fathima Beevi

30. First woman receiver of Bharat Ratna in India
Mrs.Indira Gandhi

31. First woman receiver of Nobel Prize of India
Mother Theresa

32. First woman Loksabha speaker of India
Meera Kumar

33. First woman Prime Minister of India
Indira Gandhi

34. First woman President of India
Pratibha Patil

35. The first lady to become Cheif Justice of Kerala
Sujatha Manohar

36. The chairman of Rajyasabha
Vice President Of India

37. What is known as the 'Heart and soul' of the Indian constitution
Right to constitutional Remedy (Amberkar said that)

38. The national flag code of India has taken effect from
January 26,2002

39. Damascus is the capital

40. Who was the first prime minister of India
Jawaharlal Nehru

41. Adult Suffrage means
The right to vote in Elections

42. The fourth estate refers to

43. "Recogintion" to political parties accorded by
Election Commission

44. Article 370 of the constitution applicable to
Jammu and Kashmir

45. First president of india

46. President Rule can be imposed in the State of India under which Article of Constitution of India
Article 356

47. Constitution of India came into operation with effect from .......
26th January 1950

48. Vice-President of India is elected by .....

49. Who was first Muslim president of India
Dr Zakkeerhusian.

50. Five Year Plans in India are approved by
National Development Council(NDC)

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