1. The Raj Committee (1972) probed
Agricultural holding Tax

2. Panchayat Raj has got constitutional status with the ........ Amendment Act

3. Fundamental Rights are enshrined in PART........ of Constitution of India
Part III

4. How many members can be nominated to Loksabha by President

5. Fundamental Duties of each citizen
Part IV (A) consists of Article 51A

6. Directive Principles of State Policy
Part IV - Consists of Articles 36 – 51

7. Right to Constitutional Remedies 
Articles 32-35

8. Right to Freedom
Articles 19 - 22

9. Right to Equality
Articles 14 - 18

10. Fundamental Rights
Part III - consists of Articles 12 - 35

11. Citizenship
Part II - consists of Articles 5 - 11

12. The Union and its Territory
Part I - consists of Articles 1 - 4

13. Magna Carta

14. Iron Lady of India is ....... 
Indira Gandhi

15. The first acting president of India is ......
V.V Giri

16. Public health and sanitation, under the constitution fall in ..... the list
State list

17. The article gives special privileges to Jammu and Kashmir
Article 370

18. World Human Right Day
December 10

19. The first general election conducted in Independence India on
1951 - 52

20. The first Chief Election Commissioner of India
Sukumar Sen

21. Who attend all the three round table conference
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

22. The author of the Book Republic

23. The first five-year plan was started in the year

24. The Communist Manifesto was written by
Karl Marx

25. The first chairperson of The National Women's Commission
Jayanthi Patnaik

26. Preamble of the Indian Constitution is borrowed from ....... Constitution

27. Fundamental Rights which is a feature of the Constitution of India is borrowed from the Constitution of.......

28. Fundamental duty is a feature borrowed from the Constitution of......

29. India borrowed the Emergency Provisions of the Constitution from ......
Weimar Constitution of Germany.

30. A writ which is issued by a court to prevent a person from holding an office to which he is not entitled 
Quo Warranto

31. A Writ issued by a superior court commanding a public authority to do or forbear to do something in the nature of Public duty

32. Candidate for the office of the President should have completed ..... years
35 years.

33. 92nd Amendment added four new languages  to the ..... schedule of the Constitution
8th schedule

34. Who has the power to call a joint sitting of both the Loksabha and Rajya Sabha
The President

35. Controller and Auditor General of India is appointed by .......
The President.

36. The Governor has the power to issue an ordinance under Article is .......
Article 213.

37. Who is legally authorized to declare war or conclude peace
The President.

38. Which is regarded as the guardian of the Constitution of India
Supreme Court of India

39. Which is the only state of India to have the Common Civil Code
Goa(Article 44)

40. The provisions regarding disqualification on grounds of defection is contained in .........Schedule
10 Schedule

41. The Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission is appointed by .......
The President

42. The Union List under Schedule VII of the Constitution consists of...... subjects

43. Total number of official languages included in the VIII schedule of the Constitution at present

44. An example of the unwritten constitution is .......
British constitution.

45. Right to education is now made a Fundamental Right under Article is ......
Article 21A.

46. .......of the Constitution provides for amendment of the Constitution.
Article 368

47. . ..... provides for the appointment of an Election Commission to `superintend direct and control' elections 
Article 324

48. A judge of the Supreme Court shall hold office until he attains the age of ......
65 years

49. A person to be chosen as a member of the Loksabha should have completed .....of age
25 years

50. Who is the present ex-officio Chairman of the RajyaSabha
Venkaiyya Naidu

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