India Since Independence 2

51. The new name of a central ministry dealing with environmental affairs is : 
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change 

52. Who authored the series of articles entitled India’s Disintegrating Democracy? 
Neville Maxwell 

53. Anti Defection Law came into force in: 

54. In which year STD was introduced for the first time in India between Kanpur and Lucknow: 

55. In which year the first ISD line was established between Mumbai and London: 

56. The 26th, 27th, 28th state of India which were brought into existence in 2000: 
Chhatisgarh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand 

57. The organization that was instrumental in the liberation of East Pakistan: 
Mukti Bahini 

58. The Pact signed between Indira Gandhi and Zulficker Ali Bhutto on 2nd July 1972 is known as: 
Shimla Pact 

59. In which year AB Vajpayee assumed power for the first time in: 

60. In which year an agreement was signed between Rajiv Gandhi and Jayawardhane, the president of Sri Lanka? 

61. University Grants Commission was formed as per the recommendations of: 
Dr. Radhakrishnan Commission 

62. Which country attacked India on 20th October 1962? 

63. Which is the 22nd State of Indian Union: 

64. Which is the 23rd State of India: 

65. Where the First Asian Games was held in 1951: 
New Delhi 

66. In which of the following places was Asia’s first export processing zone (EPZ) set up? 

67. India’s first ambassador to the U.S.: 
Asaf Ali 

68. Which is related to Delhi Metro Project: 

69. Who headed the first Administrative Reforms Commission? 
Morarji Desai 

70. Who repealed the internal emergency in 1977? 
BD Jatti (Acting President of India) 

71. Who was the ruler of Pakistan during the Indo-Pak war of 1971? 
Yahya Khan 

72. The first Administrative Reforms Commission in India was appointed in: 

73. Kuldip Nayyar was appointed the High Commissioner to: 
The U.K. 

74. Who became the prime minister of India with the support of the least number of members? 

75. Who headed the second Administrative Reforms Commission? 
Veerappa Moily 

76. Who was the Deputy prime minister during the period of VP Singh? 

77. Who was the prime minister of India when Babri Masjid was demolished? 
PV Narasimha Rao 

78. Who was the prime minister when India conducted the second nuclear explosion in 1998? 
A.B. Vajpayee 

79. In which year China and India signed the Panch Sheel Agreement? 

80. In which year Reserve Bank of India was nationalized? 

81. Protection of Human Rights Act came into force in: 
1993 September 28 

82. Susmita Sen became Miss Universe and Aishwarya Rai became Miss World in: 

83. The Defence Minister who resigned the post following an attack on the northeastern border of India by China in 1962: 
V. K. Krishna Menon 

84. When Babri Masjid was demolished? 
6th December 1992 

85. Who was the prime minister when LK Advani was the Deputy prime minister? 
A.B. Vajpayee 

86. In which year Dr.Rajendra Prasad became the first president of India? 

87. In which year India launched the Family Planning Programme? 

88. In which year Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe, and Yanam were incorporated into Indian Union? 

89. In which year Sardar Patel passed away? 

90. The Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) was constituted in: 

91. The socialist leader who was the exponent of ‘total rebellion’: 
Jayaprakash Narayan 

92. In which year the first General Election in Independent India was completed: 

93. Independent India got its first Olympic medal in the year: 

94. Name the leader who began fast unto death to pressurize the Congress leadership in the office for making more cash payments to Pakistan: 

95. National Policy For Empowerment Of Women were adopted in: 

96. The First Census in Independent India was in: 

97. In which year China invaded India: 

98. The founder leader of Mizo National Front: 
Lal Denga 

99. The gradation and standardization of agricultural products in India are conducted through: 
Directorate of Marketing and Inspection 

100.The launching of Nike Apache rocket from Thumba near Thiruvananthapuram on 21st November 1963 is India’s first venture into space. That rocket was built-in: 

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