General Knowledge

Q ➤ Who was the founder of the Samatva Samajam;

Q ➤ Who is the Father of Local Self Government in India;

Q ➤ International Yoga Day is observed on;

Q ➤ Who was the first President of Nair Service Society?

Q ➤ Kuriakose Elias Chavara was beatified on;

Q ➤ The Lion Capital of Saranath belongs to which King;

Q ➤ How many banks were nationalized in 1969?

Q ➤ Which was the language of the discourse of Gautama Buddha?

Q ➤ The famous Mamankam festival was celebrated at;

Q ➤ The name ‘Vagbhatananda' was given to V K GunIkkal by;

Q ➤ The Wildlife Protection Act was enacted in the year;

Q ➤ The subject 'Forest' is included in which List of the Constitution;

Q ➤ In which state is the Corbett National Park situated?

Q ➤ Which Prime Minister of India launched the Project Tiger;

Q ➤ The National Forest Policy aims to achieve __ percent of the land under forest cover;

Q ➤ The Forest Research Institute of India is situated at;

Q ➤ In which district is the Agrippa Forest School situated;

Q ➤ Which is the last formed wildlife sanctuary of Kerala?

Q ➤ Salim All Bird Sanctuary is situated at;

Q ➤ Who was the First Forest Minister of Kerala?

Q ➤ Which is the only district of Kerala not to have any protected forest land?

Q ➤ Which artist decorated the handwritten copy of the Constitution with pictures?

Q ➤ Which Article deals with the Constitutional Amendment procedures?

Q ➤ The Preamble of the Constitution has been amended;

Q ➤ Which Writ is issued to a detaining authority?

Q ➤ The total number of official languages in India;

Q ➤ Which Committee of the Parliament is headed by the Leader of Opposition?

Q ➤ Who decides that a bill is Money Bill or not;

Q ➤ Which Amendment reduced the voting age from 21 years to 18?

Q ➤ India shares a maximum land border with;


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