General English - Selected 100 Questions

1. Shyam is taller than ______.
(a) me 
(b) I 
(c) mine 
(d) my

2. Choose the correct form:
(a) Attatchable 
(b) Attachible
(c) Attachable 
(d) Atchatable

3. One who does not believe in God:
(a) Pagan 
(b) Atheist
(c) Charlatan 
(d) Pedant

4. The phrase ‘Let off’ means:
(a) to excuse from penalty 
(b) extinguish
(c) refuse 
(d) to explain clearly

5. Birds live ____ insects.
(a) with 
(b) on 
(c) in 
(d) for

6. The government rejected all the demands (Replace the word underlined with the right phrase)
(a) put out 
(b) turned down
(c) made out 
(d) Gave out

7. The synonym of ‘Conversant’:
(a) familiar 
(b) Pleasant
(c) Ignorant 
(d) Intelligent

8. I shall avail _____ of your advice.
(a) him 
(b) me
(c) yourself 
(d) myself

9. Choose the correctly spelt word:
(a) Forty 
(b) Fourty
(c) Forti 
(d) Fourti

10. The word ‘ADEPT’ means:
(a) Expert 
(b) Explain
(c) Adore 
(d) Adjust

11. A Baker’s dozen means:
(a) Twelve 
(b) Charity
(c) Thirteen 
(d) Allowance

12. One who studies insects:
(a) Archaeologist 
(b) Entomologist
(c) Botanist 
(d) Curator

13. The audience _____ at the end of the drama.
(a) praised 
(b) appreciated
c) apprised 
(d) applauded

14. He _____his matriculation examination in 2016.
(a) passed 
(b) obtained
(c) performed 
(d) Completed

15. The opposite of ‘Benevolent’?
(a) Malevolent 
(b) Bonafide
(c) Fertile 
(d) Ugly

16. A style full of words:
(a) Verbose 
(b) Complicated
(c) Hard 
(d) Bombastic

17. The word ‘Authentic’ means:
(a) Brilliant 
(b) Charming
(c) Diplomatic 
(d) True

18. The opposite of ‘AFFINITY’:
(a) Infinity 
(b) Love
(c) Hatred 
(d) Ability

19. The idiom ‘Within an ace of’:
(a) Very nearly 
(b) Very distant
(c) Very familiar 
(d) Very slowly

20. I cannot approve ___ her conduct.
(a) of 
(b) with 
(c) by 
(d) to

21. Either John or Gopal _____ taken my book.
(a) have 
(b) are 
(c) is 
(d) has

22. The killing of one’s own mother:
(a) Uxoricide 
(b) Sororicide
(c) Fratricide 
(d) Matricide

23. The synonym of ‘Apex’:
(a) Turn 
(b) Top
(c) Sad 
(d) Bottom

24. He left the book ____ the telephone.
(a) besides 
(b) around
(c) beside 
(d) at

25. That which cannot be taken by force of arms:
(a) indefatigable 
(b) invincible
(c) infallible 
d) impregnable

26. People make vine ____ grapes.
(a) for 
(b) by 
(c) from 
(d) with

27. The word opposite in meaning to the word ‘DILIGENCE’:
(a) Laziness 
(b) Industry
(c) Assiduity 
(d) Activity

28. A decision on which one cannot go back:
(a) Infrangible 
(b) Infallible
(c) Irrevocable 
(d) Incorrigible

29. The phrase ‘Take in ‘ means:
(a) to deceive
(b) go forward
(c) to give back 
(d) endure

30. The scientific study of the normal function in living systems:
(a) Biology 
(b) Zoology
(c) Physiology 
(d) Anatomy

31. He is ___ for his evil deeds.
(a) famous 
(b) noted
(c) celebrated 
(d) notorious

32. The collective noun for ‘Cattle’:
(a) bunch 
(b) bevy
(c) hive 
(d) herd

33. The word opposite in meaning to the word ‘VINDICATION’:
(a) Justification 
(b) Exoneration
(c) Accusation 
(d) Support

34. He was pleased ___ the boy.
(a) with 
(b) on
(c) over 
(d) of

35. He discussed the matter ____ the phone.
(a) at 
(b) over 
(c) upon 
(d) in

36. Man does not live by ____ alone.
(a) diet 
(b) food 
(c) bread 
(d) meals

37. The idiom ‘To hit the nail on the head’ means:
(a) Say exactly the right thing
(b) Apply unfair tactics
(c) Kill somebody 
(d) To apologize

38. The word ‘ABSTAIN’ means:
(a) Dirty 
(b) Manage
(c) Receive 
(d) Keep away

39. Aeroplanes are kept in___
(a) Dockyard 
(b) Velodrome
(c) Aerodrome 
(d) Hangars

40. The countryside is suited ___ healthy life:
(a) for 
(b) with 
(c) at 
(d) in

41. He will resign _____his post
(a) in 
(b) on
(c) from 
(d) no preposition needed

42. Find the correctly spelt word:
(a) Occurrence 
(b) Occurance
(c) Occurrance 
(d) Occurence

43. The sun ___ at six this morning.
(a) raised 
(b) rose
(c) aroused 
(d) arose

44. Choose the mis-spelt word:
(a) Accessible 
(b) Permissible
(c) Inimitable 
(d) Irresistable

45. _____ funny you are!
(a) How 
(b) What
(c) Who 
(d) Which

46. _____ the dog, the boy ran away.
(a) Saw 
(b) Seen
(c) Seeing 
(d) Sees

47. Express one’s opinion without evidence or full knowledge:
(a) Specify 
(b) Speculate
(c) Concede 
(d) Sensing

48. The police accused him ____ murder.
(a) with 
(b) by 
(c) for 
(d) of

49. Metals _____ when they are heated.
(a) contract 
(b) relax
(c) project
(d) Expand

50. The synonym of ‘Audacious’:
(a) Useless 
(b) Foolish
(c) Bold 
(d) Crazy

51. The opposite of ‘Indigenous’:
(a) Exotic 
(b) Aboriginal
(c) Allopathic 
(d) Superfluous

52. Pick out the incorrectly spelled word:
(a) Excellant 
(b) President
(c) Recommend 
(d) Comment

53. To make something more important than it really:
(a) Excess 
(b) Elaborate
(c) Stress upon 
(d) Exaggerate

54. To surprise somebody greatly
(b) Antonyms
(c) Astonish 
(d) Reveal

55. He spends hours looking ___ the birds.
(a) to 
(b) for 
(c) at 
(d) in

56. He would not have written this if he _____ the news.
(a) would not hear
(b) would not have heard
(c) had not been heard
(d) had not heard

57. The collective noun for ‘mountains’:
(a) block 
(b) chain
(c) cluster 
(d) constellation

58. He took ____ with his work.
(a) troubles 
(b) pains
(c) leave 
(d) rest

59. The synonym of ‘Precarious’:
(a) Nervous 
(b) Studious
(c) Dangerous 
(d) Unusually clever

60. He is intelligent enough ____ first class.
(a) to get 
(b) got
(c) gets 
(d) None of these

61. I prefer coffee ____ tea.
(a) than 
(b) to
(c) and 
(d) for

62. Pride goes before a ____
(a) fall 
(b) leaf
(c) jump 
(d) humility

63. Few people knew that answer, ____ they?
(a) do 
(b) does 
(c) did 
(d) would

64. The synonym of ‘Serious’:
(a) Grief 
(b) Grave
(c) Peculiar 
(d) Savage

65. To lead somebody to do something:
(a) Persuade 
(b) Placate
(c) Persecute 
(d) Pretend

66. He congratulated me ____ my success in the selective test.
(a) for 
(b) upon
(c) on 
(d) at

67. The collective noun for ‘lions’:
(a) pack 
(b) flock
(c) pride 
(d) troop

68. The feminine gender of ‘Colt’:
(a) Filly 
(b) Hind
(c) Goose 
(d) Ewe

69. He filled the glass with water to the ____.
(a) margin 
(b) edge
(c) brim 
(d) rim

70. The synonym of ‘Ambiguous’:
(a) Skillful
(b) Crafty
(c) Unclear 
(d) Dangerous

71. Divide the sweets _____ the three boys:
(a) between 
(b) among
(c) with
(d) at

72. Choose the opposite of “Despair”:
(a) Misery 
(b) Impair
(c) Hope 
(d) Shame

73. His sister is lost ___ all sense of shame.
(a) to 
(b) from 
(c) of 
(d) off

74. A polite or gentle way of saying something nasty.
(a) Idiom 
(b) Phrase
(c) Euphemism 
(d) Antonym

75. Something is wrong _____ him.
(a) by 
(b) with 
(c) at 
(d) of

76. You should adapt yourself ____ the conditions of this place:
(a) in 
(b) on 
(c) about 
(d) to

77. The collective noun for ‘soldiers’:
(a) crew 
(b) constellation
(c) fleet 
(d) sheaf

78. I can write a book ____ grammar
(a) on 
(b) in 
(c) about 
(d) of

79. The word ‘He’ is a:
(a) noun
(b) adjective
(c) pronoun 
(d) conjunction

80. The synonym of ‘Exorbitant’:
(a) Suitable 
(b) Miserly
(c) Calculating 
(d) Excessive

81. Choose the misspelled word:
(a) Analize 
(b) Argument
(c) Assistant 
(d) Comparative

82. The idiom ‘From hand to mouth’ means:
(a) Live without saving money
(b) Face the problem
(c) Donate one’s assets
(d) None of these

83. They have finished the job, _____?
(a) haven’t they 
(b) have they
(c) did they 
(d) hadn’t they

84. ____ is the theory that actions are right because they are useful.
(a) Authoritarianism 
(b) Pragmatism
(c) Machiavellism 
(d) Utilitarianism

85. He goes ___ school at 9 a.m. every day.
(a) to 
(b) with
(c) for 
(d) by

86. The room was filled ____ smoke.
(a) with 
(b) for
(c) in 
(d) on

87. Give the meaning of the phrase ‘get at‘:
(a) pass 
(b) rise
(c) reach 
(d) to make progress

88. Find the correctly spelled word:
(a) Concious 
(b) Consious
(c) Conscious 
(d) Concsious

89. The feminine gender of ‘Bachelor’:
(a) Widower 
(b) Widow
(c) Spinster 
(d) Nun

90. I can’t help you _____ you tell me the truth.
(a) unless 
(b) if
(c) but 
(d) as if

91. I request you to ____ your crime.
(a) agree 
(b) confess
(c) pardon 
(d) submit

92. A child of unusual or remarkable talent:
(a) Prodigy 
(b) Freak
(c) Marvel 
(d) None of these

93. I have some acquaintance ____ Tamil language.
(a) at 
(b) for
(c) with 
(d) to

94. We must ____ to the authority.
(a) bend 
(b) surrender
(c) subdue 
(d) submit

95. A true patriot is always loyal ____ his country.
(a) for 
(b) to
(c) about 
(d) on

96. I advised him to work hard____ he should fail:
(a) lest 
(b) from
(c) for 
(d) till

97. She was accustomed ___ the moods of her husband:
(a) of 
(b) to
(c) with 
(d) about

98. He _____ his father:
(a) takes after 
(b) give out
(c) pass by 
(d) turn over

99. I was delighted ___ his unexpected arrival:
(a) at 
(b) for
(c) of 
(d) with

100. He is senior ____ me, though he is younger.
(a) than 
(b) from
(d) to

1(b) 2(c) 3(b) 4(a) 5(b) 

6(b) 7(a) 8(d) 9(a) 10(a)

11(c) 12(b) 13(d) 14(a) 15(a)

16(a) 17(d) 18(c) 19(a) 20(a)

21(d) 22(d) 23(b) 24(c) 25(a)

26(c) 27(a) 28(c) 29(a) 30(c)

31(d) 32(d) 33(c) 34(a) 35(b)

36(c) 37(a) 38(d) 39(d) 40(a)

41(d) 42(a) 43(b) 44(d) 45(a)

46(c) 47(b) 48(d) 49(d) 50(c)

51(a) 52(a) 53(d) 54(c) 55(c)

56(d) 57(b) 58(b) 59(c) 60(a)

61(b) 62(a) 63(c) 64(b) 65(a)

66(c) 67(c) 68(a) 69(c) 70(c)

71(b) 72(c) 73(a) 74(c) 75(b)

76(d) 77(a) 78(a) 79(c) 80(d)

81(a) 82(a) 83(a) 84(d) 85(a)

86(a) 87(c) 88(c) 89(c) 90(a)

91(b) 92(a) 93(c) 94(d) 95(b)

96(a) 97(b) 98(a) 99(a) 100(d)

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