1. Asoka is worthy ____ remembrance. 
(a) to 
(b) with 
(c) at 
(d) of 

2. My elder brother pokes his nose into all my affairs (Correct meaning of the words italicized) 
(a) Disturbs 
(b) Interferes 
(c) Opposes 
(d) Prevents 

3. Your need is greater than ____ 
(a) me 
(b) my 
(c) mine 
(d) I 

4. The word ‘Eliminate’ is a: 
(a) noun 
(b) gerund 
(c) verb 
(d) conjunction 

5. Please take care ____ your health. 
(a) with 
(b) of 
(c) for 
(d) at 

6. The antonym of ‘FORMER’: 
(a) Subsequent 
(b) Later 
(c) Resultant 
(d) Latter 

7. She has not fully recovered ____ the shock. 
(a) against 
(b) of 
(c) from 
(d) off 

8. Which of the following is a noun form? 
(a) Bathe 
(b) Clothe 
(c) Wreathe 
(d) Pride 

9. Which is correctly spelt? 
(a) Adolecence 
(b) Adolescance 
(c) Adolesence 
(d) Adolescence 

10. He rushed ____ my room. 
(a) off 
(b) into 
(c) away 
(d) within 

11. A collection of specialized terms with their meanings. 
(a) Dictionary 
(b) Glossary 
(c) Directory 
(d) Compartment 

12. He restored the article ____ its rightful owner. 
(a) to 
(b) at 
(c) in 
(d) with 

13. The meaning of the word ‘REJOICE’: 
(a) Delight 
(c) Join again 
(d) Agree 

14. The teacher with the students _____ for an excursion. 
(a) have gone 
(b) has gone 
(c) was gone 
(d) None of these 

15. This boy is afraid —— the dog. 
(a) of 
(b) in 
(c) by 
(d) with 

16. The minister appealed .the people to help the flood victims. 
(a) with 
(b) on 
(c) to 
(d) by 

17. He cannot get that contract. It is a wild goose chase (Meaning close to the idiom underlined) 
(a) desperate 
(b) useless effort 
(c) baseless effort 
(d) good effort 

18. The antonym of ‘IMPECCABLE’: 
(a) Repulsive 
(b) Faulty 
(c) Practical 
(d) Reasonable 

19. The word ‘BIZZARE’ means: 
(a) A supermarket 
(b) Weird 
(c) A bell 
(d) Business 

20. As soon as the teacher entered the class the students ____ quiet. 
(a) will become 
(b) became 
(c) become 
(d) None of these

1(d) 2(b) 3(c) 4(c) 5(b) 
6(d) 7(c) 8(d) 9(d) 10(b) 
11(b) 12(a) 13(a) 14(b) 15(a) 
16(c) 17(b) 18(b) 19(b) 20(b)

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