1.First Marine wildlife sanctuary in India
- Gulf of Kutch Marine Park

2.The state with the largest number of national parks in 
- Madhya Pradesh

3.The union territory with the largest number of national parks 
- Andaman and Nicobar

4.First Butterfly Park in India 

- Bannerghatta

5.The first butterfly safari Park in India
- Thenmala

6.The first planned Eco-tourism destination in India 
- Thenmala

7.Melappad Bird Sanctuary 
- Andhra Pradesh

8.Nagarjuna Sagar
- Andhra Pradesh

9.Kaziranga National Park 
- Assam

10.Manas National Park 
- Assam

11.Bandipur National Park 
- Karnataka

12.Tadoba Tiger Reserve
- Maharashtra

13.Simlipal wildlife sanctuary 
- Odisha

14.Ghana Bird Sanctuary 
- Rajasthan

15.Nanda Devi National Park 
- Uttarakhand

16.Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary
- West Bengal

17.The floating National Park in India 
keibul lamjao

18.Father of Vana maholsavam 
– K M Munshi

19. The state is known as the mineral state of India 
- Jharkhand

20.Project Tiger 
- 1973

21.Project elephant in 
- 1992

22.The largest lignite producing state in India 
- Tamilnadu

23.Indias largest oil refinery 
- Jamnagar refinery

24.The oldest oil well of India
- Digboi

25.Largest natural gas reserves in India 
- Mumbai high

26.The largest oil fields in India
- Mumbai high

27.The highest dam in India 
- Taheri( Bhagirathi river)

28.The first Chairman of the atomic energy commission 
- Homi J Bhabha

29.The first atomic reactor in India 
- Apsara

30.Indias first fast breeder neutron reactor 
- Kaamini at Kalpakkam

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