1. The first IndianPrime Minister to lose an election
Indira Gandhi

2. The PrimeMinister who started the 20point programme
Indira Gandhi

3. The Prime Minister during the time of emergency in 1975
Indira Gandhi

4. Shortest serving Prime Minister
Charan Singh

5. The Prime Minister of who never become the member of Lok Sabha
Manmohan Singh

6. 15 th Prime Minister of India
Narendra Modi

7. The Accidental Prime Minister book was written by
Sanjaya Baru

8. First Defence Minister of India
Baldev Singh

9. First Malayali Defence Minister
VK Krishna Menon

10. Longest serving Defence Minister
AK Antony

11. The Prime Minister who held the post of Reserve Bank Governor
Manmohan Singh

12. A person who knew as Man of Peace
Lal Bahadur Shastri

13. Iron Man of India
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

14. Father of fundamental rights
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

15. Parliament consists of
Lok Sabha Rajya Sabha and President of  India

16. The Parliament which is known as the mother of parliament
British  Parliament

17. The oldest parliament in the world
Althing Iceland

18. World's first solar-powered parliament
Pakistan parliament

19. First Malayali to become the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
MM Jacob

20. Kerala has 9 members in the Rajya Sabha

21. Who is known of the father of Rajya Sabha
Dr. S Radhakrishnan

22. Who is known as the father of Lok Sabha
GV Mavlankar

23. The house in which a non-member presides over the house
Rajya  Sabha

24. KR Narayanan is the only Malayali to hold the post of the chairman  of Rajya Sabha

25. Tenure of a Rajya Sabha member
6 years

26. Tenure of Lok Sabha member
5 years

27. Tenure of Lok Sabha
5 years

28. Tenure of Rajya Sabha
not fixed

29. First Malayali woman to become a member of Lok Sabha
Annie  Mascarene.

30. First Malayali woman to become a member of Rajya Sabha
Lakshmi N Menon

31. First woman Deputy chairperson of Rajya Sabha 
violet Alva

32. Who certifies a bill is a money bill or not
Lok Sabha speaker

33. joint sitting
Article 108

34. 1961
dowry prohibition act

35. 1978
banking service commission bill

36. 2002

37. A money bill can be introduced only in the
Lok Sabha

38. The maximum time gap between two sessions of Parliament
6 months

39. The term budget has not been used in the constitution the term used  in article 112 is
Annual financial statement

40. The first budget of free India was presented by - RK Shanmugam  Chetty

41. The Finance Minister Who presented the maximum number of budgets  in the parliament
Morarji Desai (10)

42. Who is called the father of Indian budget
PC Mahalanobis

43. Zero Hour of the Parliament
12 pm to 1 pm

44. No confidence motion can be introduced in
Lok Sabha

45. Post mortem committee
Public account committee

46. The first leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha
AK Gopalan

47. Which article provides for the establishment and constitution of the  supreme court
Article 124

48. Supreme Court of India was inaugurated on
28 January 1950

49. The pin code of Supreme Court

50. The current chief justice of the Supreme Court
Justice Deepak Mishra

51. The first all-women court in India

Malda (West Bengal)

52. First High Court to establish a green bench India
Calcutta High  Court(1996)

53. The article which deals with the original jurisdiction of Supreme Court
Article 131

54. National Judicial Academy is at

55. The first chief justice of India
Harilal J Kania

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