Renaissance in Kerala -Selected Questions

1. " To Change the Nampoothiri into human" was the slogan of:
Yogakshema Sabha

2. Who headed a deputation which submitted a memoradum signed by 23000 persons before the Regent Queen during the Vaikom Satyagraha?
Changanassery Parameswaran Pillai

 3. “Whatever the religion, attire, language and such other things of human kind, as they belong to same caste (species) there is no harm in interdining and intermarriage between them”-Sree Narayana Guru made this suggestion to:
Sahodaran Ayyappan

 4.  In which year was the Begging March of V.T.Bhatathirippad?

5. Name the social reformed who had contacts with Sree Narayana Guru and Brahmananda Sivayogi:

 6. The Goverment of Travancore issued orders to open the approach roads to temples to all avarnas in the year:

  7. The last temple consecrated by Sree Narayana Guru:

  8. The Perinad strike was led by:

 9. Who advised the organisers of Vaikom Satyagraha to conduct ‘Savarna Jatha’?
Mahathma Gandhi

10.Who called Kerala “a lunatic asylum’?
Swami Vivekananda

 11. Who expounded the concept of ‘Aananthajathi’?
Brahmananda Sivayogi 

12. Who presided over the All Communities Conference organised by Ayyankali on 10th December 1915 in connection with the Perinad strike?
Changanassery Parameswaran Pillai 

13. The mouth piece of Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham, started in 1913:
Sadhujana Paripalini 

14. Who led ‘Kallumala (Stone ornament) Agitation”?

15. Who passed away on the previous day of India be- coming a republic?

16. Which agitation is also known as “Thonnooramand Lahala’?
Oorutapalam Revolt 

17. “The people who form the Ezhava samajam and Nair samajam are themselves proclaiming that they are non-Brahmins and are of backward class, thereby destroying their eminence and unity”-Who said this?
Brahmananda Sivayogi 

18. From where the Begging March of V.T.Bhatathirippad was started?

 19.Who said “No caste, no religion, no god for man”:

Sahodaran Ayyappan

20. In order to provide opportunity of education for poor children, V.T.Bhatathirippad organised:
Begging March (Yachana Yatra) 

21. In which district was the Perinad strike held?

22. Name the organisation jointly launched by Mannath Padmanabhan and R.Sankar:
Hindu Maha Mandalam

23. Who was the Chief Minister when the Government
of Kerala decided to return the press that had been confiscated in 1910 to the descendants of Vakkom Maulavi, in 1957?


24. Ernest Kirk was the first European disciple of:
Sree Narayana Guru 

25. Name the newspaper started by C.V.Kunhuraman in 1911 to propagate the ideals of Sree Narayana Guru:
Kerala Kaumudi 

26. In which year Kumaranasan became the president of S.N.D.P.Yogam?

27. Kumarakodi is the final resting place of:

28. The work of Kumaranasan based on Buddhist legend:

29. The world rises from love /And attains progress with
love,/Love is itself the power of the world,/Love brings happiness to all; /Love is life itself, sir,/And Love’s absence is death”-The work of Kumaranasan which depicts the sacredness of love :


30. Name the social reformer whose education was started after attaining the age of 17:

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