India Since Independence - Selected 50 Questions

1. Mission Indradhanush’ launched by the Govt. of India pertains to 
immunization of children and pregnant women 

2. The first Chairman of Knowledge Commission was: 
Sam Pitroda 

3. The first environment movement in India: 
Chipko Movement 

4. Obra city is famous for: 
Thermal Power Plant 

5. With which country India signed deal on the sharing the waters of Teesta and Feni rivers: 

6. In which year Nehru’s birthday was declared ‘Children’s day’: 

7. In which year the first rocket from Thumba was launched: 
1963 November 

8. A grant was given by the Government of India to the princely states of India was known as 
Privy Purses 

9. Atomic Energy Commission was formed in: 

10. How many years Jawaharlal Nehru served as the prime minister of India: 

11. Imperial Bank of India was nationalised in: 

12. In which year Damodar Valley Corporation was founded? 


13. ln which year, the first socio-economic caste census started in India :

14. The Right to Education Act came into force except for the state of:
Jammu & Kashmir 

15. Whose birthday is celebrating as National Women's Day on February 13?
Sarojini Naidu 

16. In which year Life Insurance Corporation was inaugurated: 1956 

17. In which year Territorial Army was inaugurated? 

18. In which year the king of Kashmir signed in the Instrument of Accession? 

19. In which year, the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish ‘2nd.’ October as the International Day of Non-Violence ?

20. Indian Parliament passed the Untouchability offenses Act in: 

21. Name the Indian Prime Minister who was called the ‘founder of Commonwealth’ by the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson: 
Jawaharlal Nehru 

22. The plan formulated by the then Chief Minister of Madras in 1963 whereby the senior ministers were asked to leave government and work to rejuvenate the party, is known as: 
Kamaraj Plan 

23. The seat of Tobacco Board: 

24. The Space Commission was set up in: 
June 1972 

25. Who was the Prime Minister when Sangeeth Natak Academy was established? 
Jawaharlal Nehru 

26. Mandal Commission was constituted during the tenure of which Prime Minister? 
Morarji Desai 

27. National Green Tribunal (NGT) was established in: 

28. The headquarters of Antrix Corporation Limited, the apex marketing agency under the Department of Space: 

29. Which committee recommended the establishment of Central Vigilance Commission: 

30. Which party in India has more or less the same symbol as that of the Republican Party of USA? 

31. The United Progressive Alliance was formed in: 

32. Which is the highest honor among the Padma Awards conferred on eminent personalities by the Government of India every year? 
Padma Vibhushan’ 

33. Which is the oldest regiment of Indian Army? 
The Madras Regiment 

34. The Prime Minister of India who launched Family Planning Programme? 
Jawaharlal Nehru 

35. The prime minister who was voted out of power by the Parliament was: 
V.P Singh 

36. Lord Mountbatten remained in office as the Governor-General of free India upto: 
20th June 1948 

37. The Hindu Marriage Act of _____ abolished bigamy and permitted dissolution of marriage on specific grounds: 

38. Which Principle was instrumental for India in playing a leading role in non-alignment movement? 
Panch Sheel 

39. Who was the official candidate of Indian National Congress in the 1969 presidential elections? 
Sanjiva Reddy 

40. Who was the president of India during the Janatha Party regime? 
N.Sanjiva Reddy 

41. Which ship has the nickname ‘the raging rhino’? 
INS Brahmaputra 

42. Who called Rajendra Prasad as “the symbol of Bharat”? 
Jawaharlal Nehru 

43. Where did India’s first U.N. Technology innovation lab set up? 

44. In which year Indira Gandhi signed in the Indo-Soviet Agreement? 

45. In which year Parliament enacted a law conferring statutory status to the Central Vigilance Commissioner? 

46. Sadakat Ashram Memorial in Patna is dedicated to which former president of India? 

47. The founder-director of CSIR-Centre for Cellular Molecular Biology: 
P. M. Bhargava 

48. Indo-Bangladesh Friendship treaty was  signed for the first time in 

49. ‘Socialistic pattern’ of Indian society comes through: 
Mixed economy 

50. On which date internal emergency was declared by Fakruddin Ali Ahmed on the advice of the prime minister Indira Gandhi : 
June 25, 1975

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